My Sister 8












After sending a letter to my mother, a letter from her came back as a reply.

I will cut to write what’s in a letter exactly because I don’t remember well and I don’t want to write about my mothet’s personal life too much.
I want to focus on my sister this time.

In the letter, it wasn’t said that my mother would help my sister or try to help her at all. She wrote about why she stopped coming to our house. She also wrote that it was better I was took care from my step mother instead of my actual motheir.

Therefore, there was no approach from my mother after few years. But since the point we talked at the center at the night, I had talked and hung out with her.

My sister was actually a really attractive cute girl.
She tend to get attached to me, and I felt I was an older sister for her.
She sometimes talked to me with a puppet.
She was good at telling good words which made people feel well. I kind of understood why she was loved by her friends.
I felt sometimes weird but thought I shouldn’t have denied her at all.

My sister sometimes said she hated our father, but in frond of our father, she showed like she loved him so much.
Her acts were not the same with her heart, and I had no idea which ones were her real feelings.

I finally met my mother, when I went to my granfather’s house to talk about my way after high school.

To be continued


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