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The time I finally met my mother when I was 18 years old, my sister had been at a vocational school. I heard from my sister that she was twisted around her friend’s little finger.

My mother had her son who was eight years old at that time. Her son called me, “One-chan (my sister)” with no hesitation. He hadn’t lived with his father. Though he used to live with his step father, he lived with my mother as a mother-and-child family then. I felt that my younger brother and I had grown up in the similar surroundings. Both didn’t have actual mom or dad, but had step mom or dad instead.

My grandparent assisted my mother financially like payment for her apartment, living, and the school my mother was at. My grandmother took care of my mother’s son who had studied five subjects which were language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, and English at cram school after elementary school since he was in the first grade. He was also belonged to the Boy Scouts. My grandfather, of course, assisted them all financially too.

My mother looked like she saw everything like somebody elese’s matters. When somebody talked to her, she was like, “oh..yeah….” She didn’t scold at her son when he did bad things. She also didn’t show him how much she loved him. It’s because I was there though.

After several years, when my younger brother was about to go out for his cram school at nine pm while I had stayed at my mom’s apartment, I asked him, “Why don’t you say ittekimasu (meaning I’m going) to us?” He said, “What? I’ve never said it and forced saying it though…ittekimasu.”

It might shows how my mother and grandparents brought him up.

Still now, he calls me “ne-chan.”
He lives somewhere in America now.

To be continued


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